Madrid travel info

To move around Madrid, walking is the best option. If you’re going to stay downtown, and you do not have mobility problems, you can get anywhere on foot. Take advantage of wide avenues or narrow streets to admire buildings and discover corners. We know many, we show you them in our experiences with the Historic tour of Madrid.

About public transport, metro (tube) and bus are a very suitable and a cheap option. Taxis in Madrid are cheaper than in other European capitals. If you need one and you do not have a stop nearby, it will be enough to raise your hand when you see one with the green light on. In Madrid, services such as Uber and Cabify also work.

Walking on the streets in Madrid is safe whenever you apply common sense. This means that you shouldn’t show expensive items, attractive to  thieves. As in all the big cities, there are people who usually steal. So better if you carry the mobile and your personal and  valuable objects always controlled. Try not to put them in the back pockets, and if you use a purse or backpack, always take it into view. Above all, in areas where there are many people, such as busy streets and squares or public transport. If you have any problems, go to the nearest police or Foreign Tourist Assistance Service (Calle de Leganitos, 19), telephone (0034) 902 10 21 12

Health care in Madrid and Spain is very good . Health care will depend on the type of medical coverage you have. If you come from a country of the European Union, do not forget to come with your European Health Insurance Card.

If you need medical attention related to an STD, you can go to the Sandoval Health Center, the  Centro de Salud Municipal distrito centro or the Municipal AIDS and STI Prevention Program. In these three centers you will be attended without an appointment (you probably have to get up early and wait in line) and no documentation is necessary.

Spanish language is spoken here and, although in most of the places you go you can speak in other languages, it icould be good for you if you learn some basic words and phrases: hello, goodbye, thanks, please ….

In the center -and tourist area- of ​​Madrid, shops can open every day. The usual business hours are from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. When you buy, ask if you are entitled for taxes refund. If you want to leave the general circuit, we can take you to places of fashion, gastronomy or decoration where only locals go.

Euro is the currency used in Spain. Most business accept other payment methods such as bank card and mobile apps, although in some of the business a minimum amount for a card or mobile payment.

If you are from an EU country, remember that we no longer have roaming, so you can use your phone and data rate as in your country. If you are from another country, ask about the wifi connection in hotels, restaurants or bars. In most places it is usually free. As in the buses. Highly recommended in case you need  to check our gay guide of Madrid.

Madrid has a very good gastronomy and restaurants, where you can taste the best of Spain and the rest of the world. It would be a sin if you feed yourself in the same restaurants that you can find in other places. Here we have restaurants for all tastes and prices. From Michelin stars to centenary taverns. And tapas, of course.

In this city there are many trees. More than inhabitants. There are very beautiful parks and large green areas in the city. If you have time, take a walk and relax. You can practice sports with our personal trainers. Also, at less than an hour from the city center, you can visit the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. If you like nature, our excursions will make you enjoy it.