Gay outdoor cruising areas in Madrid

Why is Madrid so beloved by gays around the world? Because you can who you are, when you want and where you want. At home, on the street, in a sauna, in a bar or one of the various cruising areas in Madrid. Here we detail some of the most popular sites:

Pantano de San Juan

It is one of the best cruising areas of Madrid in summer and is one hour from the city center. In the nudist area of ​​the Pantano de San Juan you can find young people, elders, bears … First of all, you will spend the day naked on the beach and then, if you wish, you  can walk through the smaller coves or bushes.

If you do not have a car, forget about getting here … unless we take you. Look at this link for our excursion, where we offer you a day at the beach in Madrid.

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Casa de Campo

The largest park in Madrid and the place chosen by the athletes of the city to practice their favorite hobbies. It has almost 7,000 km2 and some of the most best cruising areas in Madrid. It is most popular on weekends, in summer and during daylight hours. During the other seasons you’ll find more people on the days with better weather. You can go by bicycle, walking from Madrid Rio or Metro (Lago Metro top). Write down these two places so you can look for them in Google Maps: Cerro Garabitas and Cerro de las Canteras. If this is your first time, finding the cruising areas can be a bit complicated … Here are some directions: get close to the tennis courts (which are near the lake, where the Metro leaves you) and search, by the sky, the cable car … From the tennis courts you will see a hill with a small viewpoint near a cable car post. That’s where this cruising zone of Madrid begins. The Casa de Campo is a discreet place where you can find naked men, elderly, young, muscular, working out … as well as families with children. Stop doing what you’re doing and change places if you run into them. Do not bother them and do not leave trash.

Parque del Retiro

Another of the most important cruising areas of Madrid. Due to its location and easy access it became one of the most frequented spots. Because of complaints of some visitors of the park, the presence of police in the cruising zone intensified.

But if you go for a walk around this jewel of Madrid, especially when the sunlight is already scarce, we recommend you to be attentive. Where? In the area between the sculpture of the Fallen Angel and the sports courts, near the exit of Cuesta de Moyano.

Parque del Oeste / Plaza de Toros de las Ventas

These are the best known areas of cruising in Madrid, if you are looking for something at night and outdoors. In the Parque del Oeste, in the surroundings of the Temple of Debod and near the Paseo del Pintor Rosales. In the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas you have to go to the parking lot. In both places there are men waiting in their cars. Being at night and in somewhat dark places, we recommend that you pay more attention than usual. And as always, do not leave waste.

Ciudad Universitaria

In the area of ​​the Faro de Moncloa and the Museum of America you’ll find  a gay cruising area of Madrid frequented by a diverse group although being close to residences and university faculties, there are many young students. The best hours: at sunset and nights.

Centros comerciales / Estaciones

The bathrooms of these places are a classic among gay cruising areas in Madrid and in any city. The public that usually goes to these places is middle-aged or older. Through the center of the city, the baths of El Corte Inglés of Callao and Sol (third floor). The toilets at the Príncipe Pío shopping center may have some activity. The interchange of Plaza de Castilla, and the bus stations of Avenida de América and Méndez Álvaro can offer you some excitement in their bathrooms.