Gay gym in Madrid

While there is not an exclusive gay gym in Madrid, we could say that those that are closest to the Chueca neighborhood, are often frequented by LGBTQ+ people. Notice that, if you are here for a few days, it is probably that some gyms, due to capacity, do not allow punctual entries.

If you are visiting from a European city, find out if the same chain of gyms that you go to in your city is in Madrid. Just in case, bring with you the necessary identification in case they let you access the facilities they have in Madrid. Check in your gym before coming.

Anyway the best solution is what we propose to you: a fun and entertaining way to get to know the city. Get in shape with us. We do not have a gay gym in Madrid, we have something better. Madrid Gay Experiences gets at your disposal LGBTQ+ personal trainers that will make you sweat practicing sport. What you like most: running, bodybuilding, crossfit … And taking advantage of the fabulous sports facilities that exist in this city.

We also offer osteopathy, physiotherapy and pilates services to help you feel better.

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